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  • The Variety Co-op Menu

    First Time Patient / Renewals: 10% OFF Entire Order OR $10 Top Shelf Grams (Limit 5)

    Patient Referrals: FREE GRAM (top shelf requires min. $40 purchase)

    Monday Munchies: 10% OFF Edibles
    2 for Tuesdays: Any 2 Grams for $25
    Hash Wednesdays: 20% OFF All Concentrates
    Stoney Saturdays: 10% OFF Vape Products
    Survey Sundays: $5 OFF ALL Eighths


    Mon… 11am – 8pm
    Tu…… 11am – 8pm
    Wed… 11am – 8pm
    Th…..  11am – 8pm
    Fri….. 10am – 9pm
    Sat….. 11am – 8pm
    Sun…. 11am – 7pm

    Menu Updated 10/16/2015!!! Mix & Match Half and Full Ounces!!!

    Type Strain Gram Eighth Quarter 1/2oz. oz. PICS
    I Hash Plant 5 15 30 55 100  
    S/I AK 47 6 20 40 70 130  
    I Super Skunk 6 20 40 70 130  
    I Mango 8 25 50 90 170  
    I Mr. Nice Lemonhead 12 35 70 130 240  
    S Super Jack Nuglets 12 35 70 130 240  
    I Empire OG Nuglets 12 35 70 130 240  
    S T.E. Green Crack 15 45 90 165 280  
    S T.E. J-1 - 27.98% 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. UK Cheese **4.5 G Eighths 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. Heirloom OG- 26.34% THC 15 45 90 165 280  
    I T.E. Elmer's OG 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. Critical Cure CBD- 11.78% CBD 8.63% THC 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. Grandma's Cookies 15 45 90 165 280  
    S T.E. Shire D 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S TE Tangie 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. Squish **4.5 G Eighths 15 45 90 165 280  
    S/I Gorilla Glue #4- 24.96% THC 15 45 90 165 280  
    I Master Kush **4.5 gram Eighths 15 45 90 165 280  
    S/I T.E. Big Buddha Cheese 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S Pure OG 15 45 90 165 280  
    I Private Reserve 15 45 90 165 280  
    I Presidential OG 15 45 90 165 280  
    I Soul Assassin 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S Isla OG Hybrid **canned - 70 - - -  


    Concentrate 1/2 Gram 1 Gram Eighth
    Carnage OG Butter 15 30 -
    Empire OG Shatter 15 30 -
    XJ 13 Butter - 25 -
    Starburst OG Butter - 25 -
    Super Jack Shatter 15 25 -
    Abusive OG Butter 20 40 -
    Vegan Buddha Black Cookies ICE Hash 25 50 -
    Vegan Buddha Girl Scout Cookies Ice Hash 30 60 -
    TE The LA NugRun Shatter 30 60 -
    Vegan Buddha Pure OG Ice Hash 35 70 -
    Vegan Buddha OG 5-0 35 70 -
    Vegan Buddha Bruce Banner 35 70 -
    Rezn Starburst OG Ice Hash - 80 -
    Moxie (Assorted strains) *** 45 90 -
    ***Limited to 10% Max Discount      


    Edibles Each Pack
    Herbsmith Caramels 3 -
    Enjoyable Jollies Candy 4 3 for $10
    Herbsmith Crowns 5 3 for $15
    Enjoyable Edibles Lollipops 5 3 for $12
    Enjoyable Edibles (Brownies, Trippy Stix, Sneaky Bars, Cheesecake, Lemon Bars, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Animal Cookies, Caramels, Peanut Butter Cups, Pumpkin Bars, Cupcakes) 10 -
    Hubby Bars (9 Flavors) 12 3 for $30
    Green Hornet Gummies (Indica & Sativa) 12 -
    Kushy Punch Gummy (sativa, hybrid, indica) 12 -
    Cheeba Chews Quad Dose (Sativa, Hybrid) 12 -
    Cheeba Chews THC/CBD Mix 14 -
    Cheeba Chews Pure CBD 14 -
    Herbsmith Jewels - 3 for $15
    Herbsmith Puffins 15 -
    Cheeba Chews Caramel 16 -
    Herbsmith Medlanos (4 pack) 16 -
    Herbsmith Mochalanos (4 Pack) 18 -
    Kushy Punch CBD Gummy 20 -
    Kushy Punch TKO Gummy 20 -
    Enjoyable Edibles BlackOut Brownies (962mg THC) 25 -
    Enjoyable Edibles Cannabutter (4oz) 30 -
    EndoCann THC Caps 5pkules 30 -
    PrimaCann Indica 30 -
    PrimaCann Sativa 30 -
    IndiCaps THC Capsules 35 -
    Endocann Balanced THC/CBD Capsules 5pk 40 -
    Endocann CBD Capsules 5pk 50 -
    IndiCaps CBD Capsules 60 -
    CBD Abundant Drops 20:1 60 -
    CBD Balanced Drops 1:1 60 -


    Items Each Bundle
    Porta-Vape 10 -
    Globe Tank w/Ceramic 15 -
    O-Pen Vape + Battery 25 -
    Kure Vape Cartridge 30 (1/2G) 50 (1G)
    Vision Spinner II 35 -
    The Clear Vape Cartridges *No Discounts 45 -

    Topicals & Miscellaneous items

    Misc. Items Price
    Clear Eyes 3
    TV Logo Jars 4oz. 3
    TV Logo Jars 8oz. 5
    Bee Line Pack 2
    Bee Line Thin Spool 20
    Bee Line Thick Spool 25
    Abusive OG Trim 30 oz
    IndiCreme Original Topical Cream 30
    IndiCreme THC Topical Cream 40
    IndiCreme CBD Topical Cream 50
    Emu 420 Medicated Classic CBD Rub 20 mg 50
    Emu 420 Medicated Menthol CBD Rub 20 mg 50
    Abundant Topical CBD Spray 20:1 60
    Balanced Topical CBD Spray 1:1 60
    Emu 420 Medicated Gold CBD Rub 50 mg 80

    Check out the complete list of Archived Strains. What's your favorite strain? Leave a comment.

    Check out the complete list of Archived Strains. What's your favorite strain? Leave a comment.

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    30 responses to “ The Variety Co-op Menu ” RSS icon

    • Great hook up on the FTP deal! The J1 was SO sticky icky and beautiful to smoke!

    • Best Wishes this week. I hope it goes well for the sake of the Patients.


    • My house smells like JIlly Bean. Jilly Jilly Jilly Bean. Im a lucky man…and you can be too.

      Thank You Jilly Bean

    • Yesssss…. 20% off?!?!?!?! Ill see you tomorrow PXP!!!!!!

    • Welcome home King Neville!

      The tastiest tasteiest tastiest haze in all the land!

    • Loyal Customer

      Thank You for continually updating the menu with written descriptions for each type of medicine. The budtenders as usual are very professional and helpful in selecting what works for me. I lean towards the S/I hybrid or anything thing described as happy (Jilly Bean). Anything to heady, hazey or with a heavy comedown I have to pass by. Lately I’ve been on a budget. I think any of the items described as “nugglets” offer the best deal. Top shelf stuff only smaller at less price=sign me up. This week I bought Ghost Train Nugglets and Sweet Dream. Next week will be Dream Widow and something else. I’m very excited that T.E. GSC will be arriving in a few weeks!!! Thanks again!!!

      • Its simple really…….If you like REAl clean proper nuggett come here. If you want moldy commercial go elsewhwere.


    • AHHHHH The UK Cheese…. Save some for me!!

    • Prices Slashed!!! Thanks. Have you ever thought of offering “Samplers” for sale? For example, you go to a brewery and pay x amount to sample say 5 beers…This enables one to decide which one they want for their next purchase? You could have a Sativa sampler, indica sampler and indy/sativa sampler. T.E. J1 came as advertised by other reviewers on this site. Thanks!

    • For Patients on a budget, please don’t shy away from the less expensive end of The Variety Menu. I’ve really enjoyed the CBD’s offered. I’ve tried both the CBD Haze and Cannatonic. I opted go with the CBD Haze because of the price point and it works to help with pain (without psychoactive effects). At first glance “Haze” doesn’t look like much. Don’t let appearances fool you. It works if you’re looking to help aches and pains, you’re on a budget and you don’t want to be “High” in the traditional sense. I do think it has a minor buzz (which I like).

      Next, I opted to look at every item not top shelf. I was really impressed. Since I already have plenty of top shelf indicas on hand, I opted to go with Strawberry cough at 12 per gram. I was not disappointed. It did exactly as the product description said.

      So yesterday I was able to get 2 grams for 22 bux. Not a bad haul until the next batch of J1 arrives!!!

      Btw I looked at 5 latest arrivals. Wow!! Green Crack looked like a Sativa patients dream. I honestly would buy everything in the room. Have a nice day Variety!!!

    • NNNOOOOO!!!! I was out of town saw the j1 and shire on the menu, got back yesterday and BOTH WERE GONE!!!!

      Next time I’m telling my boss I quit…

    • StoneyJuanKanobe

      It was my first time visiting the variety a few weeks ago. The quality of the buds and concentrates is by far better than any of the dispenseries I have been to. The budtenders are very knowledgeable about their meds and are always super welcoming.I never feel rushed. I dont think ill be going to any other clubs. Thanks variety for making my day whenever I come in.

    • Thank you for carrying 3 strain of CBD’s!!! I have tried the CBD Haze which is very affordable at $10 a gram. I also got the CBD Cannatonic. I use both for treating aches and pains. Often times I will use in the morning or after I work out. What’s great about the CBD’s is that they are low in THC. At times I can do without the head/body highs of Indica’s or Sativa’s, but still need to treat pain (which the high CBD’s treat). Please keep CBD’s in stock!

      • Great to see our patients discovering the endless benefits of CBD strains! We are working on getting a larger consistent variety of CBD rich strains, but also, we highly recommend trying the CBD edibles we offer such as Pure CBD Cheeba Chews and CBD Bhang Bars. Both of those are rich in pain relieving CBDs. Thanks for the great post!


    • Thanks for adding detailed descriptions to the menu! Just today I saw that you’re listing the THC% on some of your medicines. Also, very helpful.

      I just tried CBD Haze (no psychoactive ingredients) and CBD Cannatonic both for chronic pain relief. The high CBD % and low THC are very helpful in relieving pain with out the sleepiness/couch lock of the Indica’s.

      My personal favorite are Girl Scout Cookies.

      Thank you for the timely responses to emails and overall professional service. The Variety is the only place to go to.

    • Its all about the Jilly Bean now!

    • The J1 here is the dankest J1 i have ever come across…and i smoke a lot of J1….im the J1guy

    • Wow guys… really loving the strain descriptions! Keep up the good work

    • Billy fiendin

      I would like to personally request an abundance of Elmer’s & LA. Those are the best, hands down.

    • Gotta have that cookies & OGeeze. Both are fire at the variety, I check diz menu errryyday waitin fo dat cookies. Keep dem fire flame strains comin

    • def my fav spot. All their eighths are weighed really fat even tho they are preweighed… keep up the good work and don’t forget to bring a towel!

    • Just woke up from a 18 hour hubby bar nap… love you guys

    • Probably my favorite clinic. Has bomb buds and Great prices. Everyone should come here more often.

    • Thanks for making my 420 guys!!! gotta love those concentrates!

    • <3 so glad you're back. Keep the bud amazing and the prices low

    • That j1 is so fiiireeeeeeee.

    • Sqqquuuuiiiishhh Brother I’ll see you guys on 4/20

    • where the elmer’s at!?!? bring it back variety!

    • mmMMmm P-91… my fav. Keep stacking those indicas boys!

    • The J1…. Most amazing sativa I have ever smoked. Thank you TV!