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  • The Variety Co-op Menu

    First Time Patient / Renewals: 10% OFF Entire Order OR $10 Top Shelf Grams (Limit 5)

    Patient Referrals: FREE GRAM (top shelf requires min. $40 purchase)

    Monday Munchies: 10% OFF Edibles
    2 for Tuesdays: Any 2 Grams for $25
    Hash Wednesdays: 20% OFF All Concentrates
    Stoney Saturdays: 10% OFF Vape Products
    Survey Sundays: $5 OFF ALL Eighths


    Mon… 11am – 8pm
    Tu…… 11am – 8pm
    Wed… 11am – 8pm
    Th…..  11am – 8pm
    Fri….. 10am – 9pm
    Sat….. 11am – 8pm
    Sun…. 11am – 7pm

    Menu Updated 10/16/2015!!! Mix & Match Half and Full Ounces!!!

    Type Strain Gram Eighth Quarter 1/2oz. oz. PICS
    I Hash Plant 5 15 30 55 100  
    S/I AK 47 6 20 40 70 130  
    I Super Skunk 6 20 40 70 130  
    I Mango 8 25 50 90 170  
    I Mr. Nice Lemonhead 12 35 70 130 240  
    S Super Jack Nuglets 12 35 70 130 240  
    I Empire OG Nuglets 12 35 70 130 240  
    S T.E. Green Crack 15 45 90 165 280  
    S T.E. J-1 - 27.98% 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. UK Cheese **4.5 G Eighths 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. Heirloom OG- 26.34% THC 15 45 90 165 280  
    I T.E. Elmer's OG 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. Critical Cure CBD- 11.78% CBD 8.63% THC 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. Grandma's Cookies 15 45 90 165 280  
    S T.E. Shire D 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S TE Tangie 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S T.E. Squish **4.5 G Eighths 15 45 90 165 280  
    S/I Gorilla Glue #4- 24.96% THC 15 45 90 165 280  
    I Master Kush **4.5 gram Eighths 15 45 90 165 280  
    S/I T.E. Big Buddha Cheese 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S Pure OG 15 45 90 165 280  
    I Private Reserve 15 45 90 165 280  
    I Presidential OG 15 45 90 165 280  
    I Soul Assassin 15 45 90 165 280  
    I/S Isla OG Hybrid **canned - 70 - - -  


    Concentrate 1/2 Gram 1 Gram Eighth
    Carnage OG Butter 15 30 -
    Empire OG Shatter 15 30 -
    XJ 13 Butter - 25 -
    Starburst OG Butter - 25 -
    Super Jack Shatter 15 25 -
    Abusive OG Butter 20 40 -
    Vegan Buddha Black Cookies ICE Hash 25 50 -
    Vegan Buddha Girl Scout Cookies Ice Hash 30 60 -
    TE The LA NugRun Shatter 30 60 -
    Vegan Buddha Pure OG Ice Hash 35 70 -
    Vegan Buddha OG 5-0 35 70 -
    Vegan Buddha Bruce Banner 35 70 -
    Rezn Starburst OG Ice Hash - 80 -
    Moxie (Assorted strains) *** 45 90 -
    ***Limited to 10% Max Discount      


    Edibles Each Pack
    Herbsmith Caramels 3 -
    Enjoyable Jollies Candy 4 3 for $10
    Herbsmith Crowns 5 3 for $15
    Enjoyable Edibles Lollipops 5 3 for $12
    Enjoyable Edibles (Brownies, Trippy Stix, Sneaky Bars, Cheesecake, Lemon Bars, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Animal Cookies, Caramels, Peanut Butter Cups, Pumpkin Bars, Cupcakes) 10 -
    Hubby Bars (9 Flavors) 12 3 for $30
    Green Hornet Gummies (Indica & Sativa) 12 -
    Kushy Punch Gummy (sativa, hybrid, indica) 12 -
    Cheeba Chews Quad Dose (Sativa, Hybrid) 12 -
    Cheeba Chews THC/CBD Mix 14 -
    Cheeba Chews Pure CBD 14 -
    Herbsmith Jewels - 3 for $15
    Herbsmith Puffins 15 -
    Cheeba Chews Caramel 16 -
    Herbsmith Medlanos (4 pack) 16 -
    Herbsmith Mochalanos (4 Pack) 18 -
    Kushy Punch CBD Gummy 20 -
    Kushy Punch TKO Gummy 20 -
    Enjoyable Edibles BlackOut Brownies (962mg THC) 25 -
    Enjoyable Edibles Cannabutter (4oz) 30 -
    EndoCann THC Caps 5pkules 30 -
    PrimaCann Indica 30 -
    PrimaCann Sativa 30 -
    IndiCaps THC Capsules 35 -
    Endocann Balanced THC/CBD Capsules 5pk 40 -
    Endocann CBD Capsules 5pk 50 -
    IndiCaps CBD Capsules 60 -
    CBD Abundant Drops 20:1 60 -
    CBD Balanced Drops 1:1 60 -


    Items Each Bundle
    Porta-Vape 10 -
    Globe Tank w/Ceramic 15 -
    O-Pen Vape + Battery 25 -
    Kure Vape Cartridge 30 (1/2G) 50 (1G)
    Vision Spinner II 35 -
    The Clear Vape Cartridges *No Discounts 45 -

    Topicals & Miscellaneous items

    Misc. Items Price
    Clear Eyes 3
    TV Logo Jars 4oz. 3
    TV Logo Jars 8oz. 5
    Bee Line Pack 2
    Bee Line Thin Spool 20
    Bee Line Thick Spool 25
    Abusive OG Trim 30 oz
    IndiCreme Original Topical Cream 30
    IndiCreme THC Topical Cream 40
    IndiCreme CBD Topical Cream 50
    Emu 420 Medicated Classic CBD Rub 20 mg 50
    Emu 420 Medicated Menthol CBD Rub 20 mg 50
    Abundant Topical CBD Spray 20:1 60
    Balanced Topical CBD Spray 1:1 60
    Emu 420 Medicated Gold CBD Rub 50 mg 80

    Check out the complete list of Archived Strains. What's your favorite strain? Leave a comment.

    Check out the complete list of Archived Strains. What's your favorite strain? Leave a comment.

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    171 responses to “ The Variety Co-op Menu ” RSS icon

    • J1 J1 J1…It’s been too long! thanks tv for coming through today!

    • Yes finally, good to see The Variety back in action!

    • You are highly missed Variety but not forgotten! I will continue to check back. Much love, keep fighting the good fight and drop us all a line when the situation gets better!

    • Great delivery service! Prompt, professional, and friendly. Thanks for the delivery yesterday, I will be back for more. Love the Hollywood OG and the LA.

      Thanks Variety!

    • Hi Variety, patiently waiting to get update on delivery info, 4/20 is coming up and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than with your meds!


    • Yeah…bring back the Chronic Bros strains, please!!

    • Yaaaa budddy! See you soon Variety! Bring back Chronic Bros strands!!!!!

    • Keep up the good fight guys, I got your backs :)

    • Bummer. I was hoping that it was gonna last longer than this. It was good to see nice, smiling faces that were eager to help me with my needs. That Bubba is still the strongest I’ve found. What a loss.

    • Variety, are you ok?

      Haven’t seen a menu update in over 10 days, I’ve tried calling and no one picks up the phone.

      So I decided to drive down to the shop and there’s a note on the door saying it is closed for the day.

      • Thank you for your concern Toby. We really appreciate it. Unfortunately, to avoid being cited, we must remain closed at this time. We are very confident that we will be able to reopen very soon. We will be e-mailing updates to all of our members this week.


        TV Co-op Staff

    • Are you closed again?

      • Sorry Dennis, unfortunately we were forced to temporarily close again. We are very confident we will be able to open our doors again soon. Your continued support is very much appreciated. We will be emailing our members updates this week.


        TV Co-op Staff

    • I’m dissapointed Variety! No updates on the menu for 6 days and I’ve called many times and no one picks up the phone. =(

      What happened to the customer service I’m used to from you guys?

      • Sorry for the lack of updates Sad Stoner. We were forced to close our doors again and must remain closed for the meantime while we are working with County. We are very confident we will be able to reopen again very soon. We will be emailing members updates this week.


        TV Co-op Staff

    • You’re baaaaaack!
      Your menu looks really good too. Have to come by and check it out. Looks a little pricey on the top end to me, but I guess that all depends. I always did like your flowers. Glad you’re back.

    • Is the Variety going to get any new strands from the Chronic Bros?

    • Best news I’ve heard all week! Still patiently waiting for your return!

      I’m dying for some good fresh meds.

    • I miss you guys! I’m still writing and still hopefull. Take care, Evil Sue!

    • Greetings! I wrote to the supervisors. I’ve heard back from Supervisor Moorlach so far. Of course I received the classic canned lack of answer that just goes in circles. Hopefully I’ll hear back from the others. Hopefully with better answers. Happened to google The Variety Co-op and saw the post from 2/8/2011. It was encouraging and I dare hope true? A possible re-open? I’ve got my fingers etc…crossed. I will also continue to write these supervisors again and again and again. Who knows maybe one day common sense will kick in. Take care, Evil Sue!

    • I am definitely going to contact all of the County supervisors. This is ridiculous. I suppose they would rather we all take FDA approved medications that have tons of side effects, high toxicity, and therefore a high risk of overdose, so we can join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who die from lethal overdose when taking prescription medications in accordance with their doctor’s instructions.

      They do not want us using the safest drug in the history of mankind, the most non-toxic substance ever used as medicine. They do not want us to be able to make our own choice to be safe and healthy.

      They are idiots. I know who NOT to vote for in the next election…

    • Greetings! Perhaps a change in location is in order. It would appear that Costa Mesa seems rather friendly. I miss T.V. and would love to know if there are any updates. Take care and keep up the fight!

    • Hey guys…how bout some updates on what your plans are for TV….I am sure many of us are concerned, want you back and are wondering your intentions for the future…a little update please…….

    • i received a response from my letter to Janet (I brought a copy of the letter in to TV on Jan 6). The response didn’t address any of the concerns I mentioned but is simply a form letter saying essentially that there is an ordinance about unincorporated areas but not why. Kind of baffling that Janet’s office didn’t read my letter but not surprising. It wasn’t a fan letter from me trying to get an autograph but apparently that’s how her office responds to the concerns of those who vote.


      Thank you for contacting my office on Jan 11, 2011. It is my priority that we are able to address your concerns about the ordinance adopted at the Dec 7th, 2010 Board of Supervisors Meeting (Ordinance 10-018) within the County of Orange. I want to personally thank you for being proactive about issues regarding our district and the County as a whole.

      OC Public Works prepared a recommended ordinance for the Board fo Supervisors to consider after a comprehensive study was conducted to identify unincorporated areas in relation to school locations and other sensitive community centers. The Ordinanace itself will effectively place a moratorium on marijuana dispensaries operating in the unincorporated areas of Orange County. To be specific, the only unincorporated area in my district is Midway City. The incorporated cities within the County, such as Westminster and Garden Grove have taken their own City-specific positions on the oepration of marijuana dispensaries within their respective jurisdictions.

      Your comments and concerns are greatly appreciated. If we can assist you any further, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 714-834-3110 or email me at janet.nguyen@ocgov.com.

      As always, it is an honor to serve you in the First District for the County of Orange.

      Sincerely, Janet Nguyen

      *end letter*

      I suppose now I have to send another letter advising her she didn’t actually address any of my concerns or explain why shutting down a valid business for no reason is ok. Frankly, from her letter I’m not seeing a reason other than ‘someone in public works said to’ which is total BS.

    • I urge everyone to contact all of the supervisors but especially that Janet Ngueyn she is the worst…too bad ..this is a great dispensary and they did everything right…EVERYTHING..and they got f***ed for it. Such a shame. A good, well run, reputable establishment staffed by excellent trained people closed down by a power mad lady.

    • “The basic concept of using medical marijuana for the same purposes and with the same controls as other drugs prescribed by doctors, I think that’s entirely appropriate.”

      -Barack Hussein Obama II current President of the United States.

    • Did everyone forget this???

      March 19 2009

      “Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Wednesday outlined a shift in the enforcement of federal drug laws, saying the administration would effectively end the Bush administration’s frequent raids on distributors of medical marijuana.

      Speaking with reporters, Mr. Holder provided few specifics but said the Justice Department’s enforcement policy would now be restricted to traffickers who falsely masqueraded as medical dispensaries and “use medical marijuana laws as a shield.”

      In the Bush administration, federal agents raided medical marijuana distributors that violated federal statutes even if the dispensaries appeared to be complying with state laws. The raids produced a flood of complaints, particularly in California, which in 1996 became the first state to legalize marijuana sales to people with doctors’ prescriptions…”

      >Bush Days?? Again??

    • Sorry to hear what happened to you much love goes out to the variety. FU©K the man dont let em get u down. I will be waiting for your return!

    • your green crack was great #1
      very helpful i`ll be back

    • MMJ saved my life. It I did not have it prescriptions would have killed me.

    • LOVE TV! Coming back soon.

    • Can I request some suckers, hard candies, that sort of thing? Sugar free would be great too if its available. I have a late stage cancer patient I’m working with and would like a reliable supply.

    • can you guys get medicated suckers?

    • Yes, Hawaiian Snow!
      I’d trade it all in for you…
      Please come again soon.

    • Love the lambs bread. Thanks for getting some in. It’s my fave.

    • What happened to the Redneck diesel guys and how about some hubby bars to round out your edible menu

    • I read about the County placing a moratorium on cooperatives operating in the unincorporated areas of OC. Are you guys OK? Will this affect you?

    • By far, The Cataract Kush is the finest strain of Kush around. OG KUSH + LA CONFIDENTIAL = one potent mix!

    • cap’n jack looks good.

    • How about this as a great birthday gift to all the patients: 1 gram any gram :)

    • Hi Guysz,,
      Is there any
      Full Melt Comin In ???
      Thanks for Spreading
      the Love…


    • I’m just waitin’ for you guys to stock up on plenty more keif’s I’d like to try the complete spectrum, of the different types of strains. thanks. keep up the greatness.

    • I just picked up some of the J1 and its totally heady and super sticky. completely happy with the budss i got

    • Take advantage of “Hash Wednesday” while you can . . . I picked up “Mr Nice Guy-Full Melt” the other day, a little pricey, at least that is what I thought until I got home. Well worth every dollar!

    • Ok, Da last batch of SHIRE wasnt as kicking as usual, BUT….

      thanks to JESSE,
      and the owner for keeping DR J under some control, ha ha

      turned me on to the TAHOO,
      figures, he be Bogarting it, then gets popped , then spills the beans, ha ha.

      I figured that left wrist was a hurtin for some better reason than some silly
      SKATEBOARD ACCIDENT, ha ha,,,,

      thanks DR J…….like you said,
      2 for the road, in 10 minutes youre feeling the load..

    • When is the Matanuska Thunderfuck going to be back?

    • I love the menu. So great to see what you have in stock before I head in. Thanks Variety.

    • Keifer Southernugs

      bubba kush kief = healing powers

    • Merry j bluntrola

      Keep ya paws off my shire !


    • Hmm time to restock the concentrates huh?
      An ETA on some new hash?

    • The Tahoe OG is awesome, get more of that and bring the LA back and we’re golden nuggets!

    • Can you guys get the full melts pressed instead of loose caviar or moon rocks. Much easier to work with especially with concentrate devices. Thanks!

    • Variety’s gotta get the A/C flowing! Keep the customers and workers cool, refreshed, and happy, as it will be a blazing summer!

    • The variety has always been a great spot to go to. I love the new hash wednesday I’m geting ready to go in and get some tahoe o.g full melt!! mad props to those guys at the variety! Keep up the good work!

    • the variety is one of the cleanst clubs in orange county in my opinion..great staff..good location..some of the best buds..but if your looking for concentrates.. look no further they definaley have the best concentrate selection..only club around that has a REAL GOOD full melt. if they had a 50 cap id be there everyother day. good work guys

    • It was my fist visit. WOW! You guys are amazing. Staff is very professional, helpful. Very nice selection, excellent quality. Will be returning soon. Thanks guys you’re great.

    • Awesome call on the J1, if I hadnt have known what it was, I would have said a SHIRE TWIN,my fingers are still stuck together, best JACK H I have smoked-dont tell anyone, they might snatch it up before I get some more. thanks TV

    • WOW! I should speak up more often! Once again, Variety is THEE BEST!

    • Just thought I’d mention my hope that you have green crack on the 3rd.

    • Redneck o’ redneck where for art tho be?
      And then where’s the hashplant so green and earthy?

      Oh i miss the sodas, please come back I’m thirsty!

      And finally afgooey, the strand that’s dark and super sticky :)

    • Tahoe O.G. is extremely legit. =) very happy with that og. Hopefully you still have some for the july 3rd sale. See you then!

    • I really like this place. Great staff, great prices. The girl up front seems to remember everyone who comes in which is kinda awesome. The budtenders have great attitudes too. There’s gotta be a link to curly hair and being happy. Except for the dude who thinks I’m a cop every time I come in (straight hair, see, gotta be a link). Lay off the sativa, mate. I’m too short to be a cop.

      It would be nice to see some more purple/grape strains though. seems to be a general absence of purple in the regular rotation. And of course clones but that’s a fairly in-depth decision to make from a business standpoint so clones or not I still use this place as my primary spot. They ALWAYS have something I can use and the quality is the best and most consistant out of any place I have been to in the last two years.

      I also appreciate the fact that if a stock of flowers isn’t really great they TELL YOU upfront. The last Shire batch was seeded and it looked like the curing process was rushed but it wasn’t a surprise when it was taken home. They could have been quiet about it but they were honest. Honesty counts! Keep up the good work!

    • I’m a patient of 4 and half years now and have been going to clubs all over orange county and LA. Last Friday was my first time here and I gotta say, there is only 1 club in LA that can compete with these guys. 55 Cap for wayyyy better medicine that I had been paying 60 for at my old collective. I would like to see some more O.G.s though. (and please none of that made up planetary crap)

    • WTF I missed 20% off hash yesterday!?!? I got to start checking your menu more frequently. Well, I will see you guys tomorrow for some more of that lemon larry and shire mmMMMmmm!

    • More shire X Cheese 2 please, best strain all year hands down.

    • figures, havent been in the OC area for while, been in LA area, figured once I’d UPED, SHIRE would be here, lo and behold… and I just asked last night “I Know Its Time for SHIRE-“

    • Maui mist is a tasty treat :)

    • Pictures of the LA conf & Humbolt plz =)

    • I’m lovin the new Chem/Dawg and HB #33! Thanks TV! =)

    • Merry j bluntrola

      Come on guys I get paid on thursday WTF is the shire !

    • Great Place.
      Very nice Staff.
      Would love to get some
      OG Fire
      Bay Grape

    • Great menu. I’ve been coming here a few months now and I gotta say… The Variety has the best service, atmosphere, strains, and prices :-) Keep the flavors comin’ TV!

      Oh and by the way, you were right Jesse. That Blue Dream Full Melt is the best hash I have EVER had!!!

    • Tip o’ the Hat, Wag o’ the finger…
      Thanks for dating your updates on the menu!
      Either archive your older comments or put the comment box at the top.

    • how much are the shirts? and really bomb selection. best hands down.

    • mmmm num nums :)

    • I picked up that Shire on 4/20. Sweet! C’mon back.

    • My 2nd time there…great place and set-up..20 grams..that’s nice..great edibles too..I am glad I chose this dispensary..the staff is cool and social.

    • Thanks for getting the LA back …. one hit quit!

    • Blue Dream on 4/20? That would be sweet or Hawiian Snow mmmmm SoCal dreamin’ thanks to TV

    • Merry j bluntrola

      Please let there be Shire on 4-20. Please let there be shire on 4-20. Please let there be shire on 4-20. please let there be shire on 4-20.


    • Stormin Norman

      Thanks TV/Jade-Jesse-Adam-Brett, et al,
      If anyone out there is looking for KNOWLEDGEABLE BUD TENDERS,
      I have personally visited.
      and yes, the SHIRE, HEADBAND, TRASH, etc ,
      all are worthy of Standing Ovations,
      but too bad,

      I am HORIZONTAL……………
      Thanks Jack H/J1-great call Jesse…..

    • Thank you for bringing back the Trash! The Trash’s potency is just what i need to relieve my symptoms

    • The recent batch of Shire smoked well but had a bunch of seeds. No bueno.

      Everything else has been awesome besides that …. love the LA and the Redneck Diesel!

    • mary jane bluntrolla

      4 GRAM EIGHTS ???
      IS IT 4/20/10 YET??!?!?!

    • I think I understand why they call it Head Band.
      I’ve been wearing one all week.
      Stuff smells like a pungent spring flower
      I think this ones going down in my top ten
      Thanks to boyz at VARIETY

    • We want REDNECK D! So tasty, heavy hitting and just plain bomb! BTW, The Sarge got him a U.K. Cheese seed. Finally I can germinate this little guy and have me a mother in 3 months!

    • Your website is sweet. I love looking before I come to the Co-op. I can’t believe your ozzies are 280, & 320 up to 380. Makes my medicinal bucks go farther! Thanks!

    • 1/2 oz cap of UK Cheese??
      Bout G0d Van Dam Time! :)

    • Ive been a smoker for a good 4 years now and two of which have been in California and i must say Ive never seen bud as good and consistent with The Variety. Ive recently got my card and have been going to a bunch of new places with it. There have only been two places, The variety being one of them that has there stuff on lock. Instead of having one fat jar that keeps getting opened by everyone who comes in, they have small amounts, (a couple grams) in jars and keep the rest of the supply in the back. I don’t want nugs that have been touched over and over again by everyone. The bud tenders are always chill and are always informative about what there talking about. Def in my top two. The Shire and the OG Kush Bubble Hash is amazing. Keep it up and il keep commin haha

    • one of the best oc shops ive been in will def. be back …..got frankenkush and trash i loved it cant wait to get some more frankenkush

    • i am a new comer..although a long time smoker..my visit was excellant and got better when i got home and smoked…thanking you for a really good trip..bless us all..

    • The variety puts it down! you guys got some bombs. its all about that trash, that mr. nice guy, the L.A., and some of that frankenkush.

    • Please get Trash in on a weekly basis! Also can you guys start selling shake by the ounces that would be great.

    • i think you should sell pree rolls

      • Hi dylan,

        We do offer prerolled joints for $5. Unfortunately, we aren’t always able to have them in stock as they are in high demand.



        • This place was referred to me, it’s the best place everyone is super helpful . Thanks for all the help. happy times

    • hey guys I noticed some patients wanting the redneck diesal back im also a big fan of this herb and ive been a patient 3 years the underdog Og is similiar to the red neck the sweet kushy smell and taste but theres difference that I cant grapple…the budtender told me it was what hes smoking right now so I took his advice and im so happy I chose Underdog Og very satisfying Sativa leaning hybrid definitly eased my mind after a long day in court

    • Mr. Nice Guy is my new best friend. Thanks.


    • I would love to have an endless flow of U.K. Cheese please : )

    • Bring back The LA and Redneck Diesel! So bomb!

    • more J1 would be splendid

    • A fresh batch of Shire and J1 would really brighten my day!

    • Wow I just got back from the variety and like the usual im highly pleased….ive been a patient for 3 almost 4 years a regular smoker for 5 ears im only 21 , and I pretty much know what im lookin for already when I come in..but on this occasion the awesome budtender I would love to mention his name because your down brotha but if your patient there im sure u know him,anyways referred me to there latest batch of headband and I must say it was incredible..ive had headband 100x but nothing quite gave me such a medicated dreamy awesome feeling than this headband 8/10(LOOK) could be a tad denser but was A+
      10/10 (Potency)-super long lasting..hit u from every angle ultimate full body medicated
      10/10(smell) for any day to day smoker whos got a few years under there belt someone could pop open the lid of this headband and guranteed if ur with patients they’d call out what this batch is.SIMPLY PUT ITS DANK

    • All ur bud is top notch. Do you guys offer any type of recycling program for the med containers?

      • Mike,
        Thank you for the compliments. We do not have any recycling program but we do offer $5 off all eighths every Sunday.

        Best Regards,
        The Variety

    • You blog entry surely was one of the high parts of my Saturday. I was on Yahoo searching for something totally unrelated when the title caught my attention. I’m glad I took the time to read your post!

    • More Shire please ! And 4g 8th on the haze is awesome thanks TV!

    • I got one of your brownies the other day and it was weak, tasty but really weak. One co-op I was with rated their brownies strength in terms from 1x to 10x which allowed the members to decide for themselves through trial and error the best amount for their care. I found 10x to be the best for me. Oh and could you get them to say which variety they used for a particular treat? It seems reasonable to me that since we are going that direction on all other forms of the medication our edibles should also. This suggestion in no way indicates any dissatisfaction on my part. You guys are the best and I appreciate your efforts to professionalize our local co-op.

      • Sativa John,
        Thank you for your suggestions, we will look into it all. Also, Cannavore Medibles™ will be returning in the near future and their edibles tend to be a little higher in potency. This will give you the option of consuming either the weaker (but tasty) Edible Edibles w/ Love or the more potent (and also very tasty) Cannavore Medible™ line of products.

    • Two words: HASH PLANT! Personal favorite and kinda sad I havnt seen it back :(

    • GODZUKI hands down best sativa. Plz bring it back

    • you guys have thee best nugs in oc .. ive been living in hb for all my life and this is the only clinic ive gotten from with buds on par with what i need thank you keep it comming … and i was looking through the arcives and i was woundering if you could get some amathist or some rainbow haze again?

      • Grape ape strain probably the best nug I’ve ever smoked !!! Bring it back also how much and what sizes do the variety shirts come in :)

        • Caleb,
          We are very happy that the Grape Ape works for you! Our shirts come in all sizes, however, we only have L and XL shirts in stock at the moment. Keep checking back for some fresh designs!

    • is the caviar a hash or keif ???

    • Neville’s haze was amazing! It gave me a good trip and the body tingle made me just relax after a hard days work, 1st time trying it and loved it. Keep it up amd thank you for all the help

    • love all the comments guys, its a good read and keeps me informed of the goings on… very informative …bless

    • bring on the UK Cheese – the indoor stuff!

    • Jack Herer Bubble Hash please!

    • It would be nice if we could get the concentrates of our favorite strains soon after the harvest. I’m imagining Hawaiian Snow Keif over Hawaiian Snow nugs, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • dammnit i bought my green crack caviar for 35 two days ago and now its 30 and theres new stuff for the same price T_T

    • i love tv cause that girl that works the front desk is a mad cutie =D


      THANK YOU!!! :-)
      The Variety is THE BEST!

    • No more yanky my wanky! The Donger needs food!

      Medibles por favor. Capn’ Crunch Crunchberries!

    • TV is most defiantly one of the best co ops around in this region.
      Great prices with good quality bud. Headband just blows me away makes me feel great. But you guys should get some topical cream and BRING CHEMMDOG INTO THE MIX ! Much love for yall thanks and if you ever need a helping hand I’d be always willing to help.

      • Thank you for your support and your suggestions. Headband is a great strain and one of the favorites at The Variety. In fact, it is very similar to the Chem/Dog in genetics.

        We will do our best to bring you the connoisseurs grade Chem/Dog you are used to.

    • grads on your 1st. year on being open…you guys always treated me right and great meds…that’s why i always come back…don’t even bother the other stores in the area!!! hope you stick around for many more years to come……

    • The Shire ! The best strain ever !

    • I hope you bring back the LA. I really liked that strand 😀

    • Mongul need FOOD………. Mongul need breakfast bars…….. Mongul want coco Puffs and corn pops


    • I got some of the Godzuki today. A+. Go get some!

    • the best place to donate is here THE VARIETY<~~~
      that's my personal opinion..
      thank you…

    • WE NEED PICs with new strains in menu?

    • Right on guys! Thats why we all love The Variety! Much love

    • What happened to the 35 eighth?!?! Gotta have love for the compassionate strains guys! Our economy happens to be halfway down the toilet by now

      • Dear End,

        Unfortunately, we don’t have a never ending supply of the OTH x Skunk #1, but we are working on getting more lower strains in stock. We understand how hard the economy has been, and that is why every Sunday all patients can receive $5 off all eighths.

        Thanks for your concern,


    • jesus christ the LA is insanity its so bomb

    • I’m so loving this menu because i’m comparing the weed i got from there to the pics and going, “YEA I GOT THAT TOO HUH HUH HUH HAHAHA~”

    • You guys are the best. Thank you.

    • I didn’t know about 5$ off on Sunday .. That’s cool .

    • just picked up some LA last night its bomb really nice clinic coming back again soon for sure.

    • Also, I think the raffles could be interpreted as being more “commercial” and not in keeping with the medicinal co-op intent of Prop 215. With what’s going in in LA right now it’s probably best the discontinued them

    • Uhhh… didn’t they just lower their cap to 55 on eighths and 380 on oz’s? And Sunday’s you get $5 off all eighths. Good luck finding a better deal marcy

    • no more raffles ? And no daily specials ?! Variety needs to get back to patient appreaciation!!

    • I’ve been a patient for 3 years and I gotta say I love the variety and the new 55 cap will keep it my #1 spot ….I just recently yesterday got some master kush and I must say it took me back to the days when you couldn’t go to a decent place in the oc and everybody went to LB but this time that heavenly place is the variety and there only 5 mins away…the qaulity is A+ anyways I’ll never go to LB again I got what I need at the variety

    • I second the request for Afgooey It calms my nerves and lets me sleep better than any other I have tried.

    • You guys should get tinctures … please

    • Where is the “ice cream OG caviar”

    • why is tv so great!?
      Becuase master kush and the lowryder are amazing! And lowryder at 270/oz!?!?!? WOW… thanks TV

    • TV…You guys ROCK!!! I’m very happy to have found my new favorite co-op. The prices are fair, the inventory is excellent and the staff is very personable, knowledgable, and very helpful. Thank you for a good experience and effective meds. The MasterKush is working wonders for the pain from my Digenitive disk disease. I medicated over the weekend and today is the first time in a month that I’ve been able to ride my streetbike to work.

    • How is the strain (indica and sativa) determined? I notice the seed company labels the Hawaiian Snow an Indica while the ones you sell are labeled Sativa. I agree it behaves very much like what I’ve come to expect from the best sativas but I’m still struck by the incongruency of the labels. What gives?

      • Hi John,

        Various information about different strains can be found in the Big Book of Buds or online on either a marijuana strain database, such as http://en.seedfinder.eu/alphabetic.html, or the seed company’s website. Hawaiian Snow is widely known for its strong sativa characteristics, and if you saw it labeled as an indica, it was most likely a mistake. Also, please keep in mind that many strains have been developed by multiple seed banks, so one seed bank’s Master Kush might be world’s apart from another seed bank’s version of the same strain. If you have any more questions, feel free to send us an e-mail at info@thevarietymmd.com

    • I too enjoyed the LA but it did make me cough like the smog we have I never heard of AF gooey tell me about it. Also the staff is wonderful there willing to listen and help very knowledgable I would recomend them to ne1.

    • To the moon with you Stadanko.! AFGOOEY hands down!

    • I am sooo thankful for the meds you guys have its the only meds i have ever had that completely takes away the pain i constantly suffer.keep up the good work


    • No Afgooey, THE L.A.!!!

    • Bring back AFGOOEY!! It is my favorite indica!